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We all know how easy it is to park your scooter at the beach, even when Sunday morning Nippers is in full swing.  Well now you can also take your surfboard with you on your scooter with our top quality surfboard rack.  
This rack mounts to pretty much any scooter that has a flat rear rack mounted on the back.  You know the ones.  Its the flat rear rack that a top box would mount to.

Our surf board rack mounts simply to your scooters flat rear rack.  There are two hooks style arms that your surfboard sits in and elastic tie down straps to secure it.
A really good feature is that you can easily remove these when not in use.  

We've had a look at a few different surfboard racks and we definitely prefer the Carver racks that we stock exclusively.  The welds are excellent and the gauge of materials much better than others we have inspected.

Initial fitting time is 30 minutes.  You can arrange our woorkshop team can fit it for you here.


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