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Jenna here at Scooter Central has been given the task of providing great deals for our new and used scooter buyers.

Using Riders Finance Group, who are big supporters of Vespa Piaggio,  Jenna can get you riding any of the makes and models we sell in our store, not just Vespa and Piaggio.  We have some great rates that will get you riding in short time.

If you are considering financing your next scooter, send an email to Jenna and she will get back to you to arrange a quote to finance it.

She can even arrange an extension to finance your scooter accessories and riding gear.  Nice.

Simple let Jenna know

1.How old you are
2.What is your current residential status
3.What is your current occupation
4.How long have you been at your current occupation
5. Which scooter or price range you are considering.

Interest rates start from 6.95% and term periods range from 2 to 5 years. 

Email Jenna here or call her in store on 02 9938 5858

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