Sunday September 2nd is Father’s Day

Looking for ideas so you can secure your spot as the favourite child?  We have lots of them in a special category called Father’s Day with 21 great ideas to make you look like a thoughtful genius, it’s a win win.

We have a huge assortment of gift ideas from $6 to $99 such as Corazzo Coffee Cup holders for scooters, Vespa and Lambretta key rings, gloves, Vespa and Lambretta Bags, helmets, t-shirts, mugs, picture frames, Corazzo Nomad handle bar bag for your phone display, scooter covers, cuff links, scooter boxer shorts and even a scooter tie.  There are many items from $100 on up such as a new riding jacket, top box, wind screen, Vespa helmets and more.  Free Freight for all orders over $100.

Can’t decide?  Why not purchase a gift voucher.  Call us on 02 9938 5858 to organise one today.

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