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2010 Aprilia Scarabeo 500


2010 Scarabeo 500

  • 24000kms
  • Service being completed by Scooter Central before sale
  • Registration until 15/06/2022
  • Large top box and under seat storage
  • Ready for the commute or touring

The Scarabeo 500 has the capacity to be a maxi tourer, in the body of a city commuter.  And really it can do both fairly easily, though for me its probably better suited to the commuter role first, the touring role second. I had owned a Scarabeo 500 for a few years and in that time I rode Sydney to Phillip Island return without a hitch. Actually my travelling companions were amazed of the Beo’s ability to maintain speed.

Nothing has changed since those days, the Beo is still quick thanks to the size versus capacity equation, it tackles freeway speeds with ease, hills offer no resistance. Top speed would have to be in the vicinity of around 160 km/h on the speedo, so I would think that we may have seen around 150 km/h actual. The Scarabeo is claimed to have the shortest wheelbase and best power to weight ratio in its class. So it does move off the mark in a brisk and rapid rate, especially once moving, the mid-range punch is impressive.

The key though is the Scarabeo’s thin stature helping it to become a very practical commuter, and because it’s not big and bulky, it’s actually very easy to manhandle. This is something we don’t normally associate with larger capacity scooters. The real benefit is that when it comes time to hit the motorway for the last leg of the journey home, the Scarabeo just streaks away.

Handling wise the Scarabeo can sometimes suffer from short wheelbase, big heavy motor syndrome. So over rough surfaces it can get a little twitchy. Keep it locked onto any form of smooth blacktop and the Scarabeo handles like a well controlled bullet train on rails. Fairly good ground clearance helps, its difficult to get anything scraping whilst cornering hard.

The brakes are very good and something I would expect from a brand with this kind of sporting heritage behind it.

Review taken from scootersales.com.au

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