2018 Piaggio BV 350


Silver Piaggio BV 350
Genuine Top Box & Screen
Recently serviced
6 months rego
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An all-round scooter with safety and style for the urban rider 

The Piaggio BV 350 brings a fresh and totally new look to the mid range scooter category.  It has to be one of our favourite all-round scooters.  BV 350 undoubtedly represents the ultimate cross between a perfomance scooter and a compact commuter.

The new 350 engine is a compact and very fuel efficient, clean burning engine.  It combines the weight of a 300cc with the performance of a 400cc scooter.  The new BV350 truly presents the elements of sports, touring and commuting in one totally stunning bike.

We really like the large under seat storage, rear carry rack and shopping bag hook combination that gives you the ability to do the mid week shopping.  The integrated screen allows you to do some serious kilometres and still get off feeling refreshed.

The big wheels do a suburb job of soaking up the bumps and the twin disc ABS brakes add an extra safety feature.

One of our favourite features is the class leading traction control system.  The system in its most basic form, has information relayed to it from the front and rear sensors.  The ECU diagnoses the feedback it receives and makes adjustments to the amount of power it releases to the rear wheel.  The system literally does thousands of sums per second to the the ideal power output and traction to the rear wheel.  Amazing!

If you are in the market for the ultimate business class travel, you’d be sure to have a close look at the BV350.

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