Corazzo Checkerboard Decal


Corazzo ScotchLite reflective tape to add visibility to your scooter when riding at night or in low visibility environments.  This stylish and practical tape can be fitted to your scooter, top box or helmet.


Checkerboard Decals. Night time visibility is very very important. We have long been advocates of significant reflective on all of our technical gear.
When we looked for a way to light up our scoots with some tasteful reflective, we could not find anything that would work for our application and not look silly.
So we made our own.
Available in black and white, they make the perfect addition to any scooter or motorcycle.
2 – 47inch stickers, made from super easy to put on stretchy vinyl.
Cut to fit as you like. The photos are just an example of what you can do.

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