Malossi Black Grips


The importance of grip is well known since the mists of time. Man has always strived to create safer and more effective grips on tools and weapons, without neglecting to personalise them, sometimes embellished with precious materials. At last today, your motorcycle too can have something special: Malossi took care of it! A firm grip is never missing, palm and fingers grasp the grip to convey riding commands, sometimes gently, sometimes with great force, according to your temperament or to your mood, and the engine, producing a sound that is music to the ears of every rider that lives for the ride, responds to your input for performance and carries you into the wind. Malossi grips have no competition when concerning your motorcycle ride: they are safe, anatomically comfortable, indestructible, and stylish too, because the care for aesthetics has never been of secondary importance to us!

Innovation has always been a Malossi buzzword. And it could not be otherwise: for more than 60 years, the company built its competitiveness on the national and international market by offering original, reliable, durable and unique solutions.

The Experience and Quality Control division follows the product at every stage, from conception to production on a large scale by performing continuous dimensional and materials quality checks.

Part Number: 6918092.B0


Technical Characteristics:

  • Top quality material
  • Resistant to atmospheric conditions, UV rays, Ozone
  • Inner flange reinforced for hand support and to eliminate vibrations
  • UP is marked at the ends of the grip to designate the correct orientation upon installation
  • Anatomically designed for comfort and strength
  • With folder of GAS Malossi mini stickers 8 x 14 cm (3318121)

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Parts & Accessories Enquiry

  • For example, Vespa, Piaggio, Kymco, Sym, Lambretta etc.
  • For example, Fly 150, Classic 200i, GTS 300 etc.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions8 × 8 × 5 cm

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