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Advantages To Riding A Scooter

Some advantages we enjoy when riding scooters

We thought we’d list a few of the reasons to ride a scooter.  It turns out there are more reasons than you think.  After reading this article, we think that if six of these appeal to you, then you are a strong candidate to own a scooter

  • Subsidised costs of Learner and Provisional Rider programs (thanks State Government)
  • We can use the Bus Lanes (cars can’t)
  • We can use the Transit Lanes
  • If you own a scooter you get instant access to transport – don’t walk and wait for a bus, get straight on your scooter
  • Scooters are fast and reliable
  • Nimble and light
  • They are automatic, just twist and go, there are no gears to change
  • Step through is easy and convenient
  • Sydney has hundreds (if not thousands) of free parking spots for motorcycles and scooters
  • Inexpensive fuel costs are simply awesome ( Think 7.50 per week for 200km journey)
  • Scooters are the environmentally friendly option
  • Inexpensive service costs at around $4 a week are very affordable
  • Inexpensive rego and CTP costs at around $5 a week for 225cc and under
  • Commute across the Harbour Bridge or Tunnel?  Get an ERider for only $90 a quarter and save hundreds a year!
  • Scooters are FUN
  • Scooters are cool and Vespas 1946 model was named as one of the top 12 inventions of the last 100 years
  • Scooters are perfect for the week day commute ”and the weekend run to the beach” Scooters are compact and easy to park at the beach or cafe
  • Load up with 2 – 3 bags of shopping for mid week shopping top up
  • Scooters are well known for their storage solutions under seat, top box, glove box and even a shopping bag hook
  • Scooter insurance is quite inexpensive (as we are a conservative lot)

Advantages To Riding A Scooter
Advantages To Riding A Scooter
Advantages To Riding A Scooter

Did we mention scooters are FUN!  Even if your job is so-so, you’ll get to have fun every morning and every evening on your scooter.