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Fund raisers can be a big job for what is typically a small band of volunteers.  Here at Scooter Central we are confident we can take a lot of the pressure off your next event by supplying a very cool scooter that will raise you money.

Over the years we along with our regular clients have learnt the art of fund raising using a scooter as a prize.

Some of our clients raffle their scooter while others auction them off.  Whatever suits you we have the experience to help you draw a crowd and have people desperate to part with their cash and support the cause.

Here are a few of the basics

  • When you choose one of our 35 scooters as a prize, a $500 deposit is taken.  There is no more to pay until the eve of the actual event.
  • Its always best to have the scooter semi accessible during the event, as it adds to the feeling of desire of your clients.
  • TOP TIP – One of our clients asks if people would like their picture taken sitting on the scooter and they post it on their Facebook page.  Nice!
  • Dinner events are often best to have the scooter as an auction item.
  • School Fetes etc are often best to raffle as you have a band of willing kids happy to do the leg work and chip in for their school.
  • Once the event has been completed Scooter Central will pick the scooter up and request the winners details.
  • We will return the scooter to the store and arrange for it to be pre-delivered and registered in the winners name.  (The original cost of the scooter always includes NSW registration.)
  • The winner is excited to have won such a cool machine and tells all their friends what a great event it was and how nice the staff were at Scooter Central.
  • The event organizers raise plenty of money and want to repeat the process at their next event.

Does sounds like a consideration for
your next event?

Make an inquiry with us today.  There is no cost to have a chat about your event.  Who knows we might throw a few ideas around and find ourselves all on a winner.

Contact our team on 02 9938 5858 or email us at sales@scootercentral.com.au

Scooters for Fundraisers