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Getting your licence

To obtain either a Learner or Provisional Motorbike Rider’s Licence, you need to attend and pass the training course relevant to your licence.

If you’re an existing Roads and Maritime customer, the Pre-learner Rider Training Course and Pre-Provisional Rider Training Course can be booked online. Alternatively, you can call 137788 or visit a service centre.

Our local training centre is HART based in St Ives.  They also run a number of great additional riding training courses if you feel you need further training. 

If a motorcycle training centre is unavailable in your local area, you’ll need to visit a service centre.

Note:  In some states, such as QLD/SA you are permitted to ride up to a 50cc scooter on a car drivers licence.  However, in NSW you must have a scooter/motorcycle riders licence.

Getting your Licence

Book Course

Book a course online by clicking here.

Rider Knowledge Test

Check out the rider knowledge test questions by clicking here.

Practise Test

Take a practice test here by clicking here.

Riders Handbook

For further information you can download the Riders Handbook by clicking here.