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Staff And Client Incentive Programs

Staff incentives can be a real winner to motivate staff to bigger & better results.

Scooters are a fantastic option for staff incentive programs as they sell freedom and personal time.

We have several companies who regularly use anything from a modest $3000 scooter right through to $7500 Vespa’s as a major draw in their staff, or also client, incentive programs.

As suggested earlier, many companies have done the flat screen TV or Gold Coast weekend away thing so many times, that it’s just not hitting any triggers any more. Maybe now is the time to get on board and use a scooter as a reward for excellence.

Here at Scooter Central we support you all the way with excellent images, product information sheets and advice on transport and exposure.

Speaking of exposure, one of the fantastic things about a small and mobile item like a scooter, is that it can be displayed in a foyer. This is a real motivator, as your staff or clients can see it, feel it, want it.

If you’d like more information about using a scooter for your program contacting our team at sales@scootercentral.com.au

Staff And Client Incentive Programs