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Scooter Performance Upgrades



Here at Scooter Central our trained technicians love to get the most out of each machine.

In fact, there is a certain amount of professional pride involved when tuning customers scooters to extract the best bang for buck, and that’s why we love it.

Here is a quick overview of how we can help you get the most out of your scooter to suit your style of riding.

Any of these stages can be carried out independently, so don’t think you have to go crazy all at once. Plenty of our riders actually do stage 2 first, and then add various stages as they see fit.

Order the parts directly online or feel free to email our technical team service@scootercentral.com.au for more information, or call our Workshop Coordinator at the store on 02 9938 5858. We’d love to hear from you.

Pirelli Tyre
Pirelli Tyre Diagram



A stage 1 upgrade allows the scooter to get the air in and back out of the scooter the most efficiently.

In this initial stage, we fit a sports exhaust and high flow air filter to your scooter which gives it a much sportier ‘note’ (sound). These carbon tipped sports exhausts are around 3kgs lighter and made of quality materials for maximum efficiency and longer life.

With less mass to get moving, your scooter will also pick up speed faster. A sports exhaust is also that visual cue that adds value to any scooter.

The feeling you get is better pick up and a the pleasure of that throaty exhaust note.

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A stage 2 upgrade is probably the best value for money for your typical rider In this stage we take the power that your engine produces and we put that power to the rear wheel with more meaning.

To do this we use high quality Italian performance parts to tweak your transmissions multivar, torsion spring, rollers and clutch springs to produce much better pick up off the lights, stronger mid range and much improved throttle response.

Our Workshop Coordinator will offer you three options to choose from Street, Sports and Dynamic. You can also ride our shops test scooter to get an idea of what you are buying into. It’s a whole lot of fun that’s for sure!

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Harness the goodness of stage 1 and 2 together and you have stage 3. This stage gets the most out of your scooter using the current output from your stock engine. The air gets in more efficiently, and the power gets to the ground with real purpose.

This set up is perfect for the rider who loves the freedom of riding, and enjoys excellent feedback from the throttle hand.

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If ever you’ve squeezed hard on the brakes and felt like the front end is diving, or worse that the suspension bottoms out mid corner, it is time to consider stage 4.

In stage 4 we replace the front and rear shock absorbers with high quality sports versions that are infinitely more adjustable and more compliant than any standard shock absorber.

The advantage is that the shocks can be set up much, much more accurately to your weight and riding style. The new setup allows you to adjust at any time too.

For example you may have a different setup for one up riding, riding with a pillion, and also for country riding with luggage. It will have you carving around corners with confidence.

To compliment the new suspension we fit a fresh set of Pirelli Diablo Rosso Scooter tyres. The Diablo Rosso Scooter uses the same technology employed in the Diablo Rosso Motorcycle tyres and helps you get the most out of your new suspension.

The tyre has a low wear middle section for upright road riding, and a softer, gripper side tread that heats up faster offering more grip particularly at higher lean angles. This tyre also has a specific profile that allows the rider better response when tipping into corners in particular. Along with your suspension mods, these tyres are a great combination to vastly improve your scooters handling.

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Simply speaking, Stage 5 is where we add 15%-25% more horsepower via your engine and fueling system.

Remember how in stage 1 and 2 we used the stock engines power and made the scooter pick up speed faster and have better throttle response? Well image combining that with 15%-25% more horsepower and aggressive fueling.

Yes, your scooter will become the weapon of choice at any set of traffic lights on the way to work.

In stage 5, we begin by removing the engine from the scooter and stripping down the cylinder head, cylinder. piston, and piston rings.

The engine is then rebuilt with high performing versions of these parts, along with bigger inlet and exhaust valves and lower stiction piston rings.

Once the engine is reassembled and back in the scooter, we introduce a very trick piece of kit that allows us to dial up the combination of fueling required to get the highest performance from the engine and its new components.

And to finish off stage 5 craziness, we pull down the gearbox and install a Gear Up Kit. The new gears are specially aimed at reducing to a minimum the losses due to friction in the gearbox allowing the engine to transmit the most horsepower available to the rear wheel.


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