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Scooter Servicing Schedules

We are particularly proud of our hard working service department here at Scooter Central.

Our dedicated team even have their own core values posted on the wall for all to see, which include values on professionalism and communication, and finding the cost effective solution for our clients.

When you book your scooter in for a service here at Scooter Central, you will speak to our dedicated Workshop Coordinator who has years of experience in customer service and is also a qualified technician and NSW Registration Inspector for pink slips.

Servicing is an integral part of being a scooter owner. Servicing schedules are built by the engineers that designed your scooter, and they ensures the optimal performance and longevity of your machine.

At Scooter Central we primarily follow the factory service schedules set out in your owners manual. These schedules allow you to ride your scooter with confidence, knowing that all the critical concerns are monitored regularly by our experienced technicians.

We only use genuine spare parts or after market parts that are of the same quality or higher, and we have a dedicated spare parts coordinator who works closely with our team of technicians to find the correct part for every scooter we service.

Scooter Central Tip:  Not sure which service is due or when?  Try checking your service maintenance book and your owner manual or have a look under the seat of your scooter for a “Service Sticker”.  Or give us a call (02) 9938 5858 with your scooter model and current KMs and we can help you out.

General Minor ServiceGeneral Major Service
Drain engine oil, replace oil filter, replace engine oilDrain engine oil, replace oil filter & replace engine oil
Inspect gear oil and top up if neededRemove and replace gear box oil
Inspect battery, charge rate, levels and terminalsInspect battery, check charge rate & terminals
Inspect and clean spark plug if neededRemove and replace spark plug
Check lights and indicatorsClean air box & air filter, replace if needed
Adjust throttle free play if neededCheck lights & indicators
Check lights & indicatorsAdjust throttle free play as needed
Lube cables and leversLube cables and levers
Inspect brake pad wearLube stand(s)
Check and adjust drum brakes if neededCheck and adjust idle speed as needed
Inspect brake fluidCheck over for any loose fittings of fixtures
Check and adjust idle speed if neededCheck brake system, brake pads, top up brake fluid as needed
Lubricate stand and brake leversAdjust drum brake if needed
Check tyre tread wearCheck tyre wear, adjust pressures if needed
Adjust tyre pressure if neededRemove CVT (constant variable transmission) cover
Check for loose fittings or fixturesClean transimission
Check crankcase blow byRemove & inspect clutch assy, deglaze clutch assy
Assess steering bearingsAssess gearbox and crank case seals
Update service sticker and service bookRemove and replace drive belt with new
Scooter road and brake test for safetyRemove and replace variator roller set
Remove and replace slide shoes
Remove and replace spark plug
Update service sticker and book
Scooter road and brake test for safety