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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that when you consider buying your first scooter there are many questions to be answered. Hopefully this section will help fill a few gaps.

For any other questions you have we invite you to come and have a chat to us in the store. Alternatively call us on 02 9938 5858 or email us at sales@scootercentral.com.au

First of all, where can I see them and, even better, can I try one?

Scooter Central has the widest range of quality scooters in Australia. We have over 60 new and used scooters on display in our showroom. We will even make you a very nice espresso, latte, or cappuccino while you browse. Our point of difference with our competitors is that we offer test rides on every model in the store. Come in and see us seven days a week Monday – Saturday 9am – 4pm and Sunday 1am-4pm.

What is a modern scooter?
Modern automatic scooters come in sizes from 50cc to and eye watering 850cc and can be used for around the city, or on the freeway, for 1 or 2 people. They generally have smooth four stroke motors and they run on regular unleaded petrol. All of our scooters have push button electric start and most importantly they have a fully automatic transmission. Another feature of modern scooters is that they have under-seat storage and a bag hook for shopping and other luggage. New scooters range from $2,500 to $15,000. The typical new rider on the most popular scooter in todays market (the Piaggio Fly 150ie) will usually spend around $4400 on their scooter, helmet, jacket and gloves.
Are they easy to ride?
Scooters come in all different sizes and we are confident that we will have the scooter to suit just about anyone. This is one of the reasons why we stock such an extensive range. Scooters are very easy to ride, and are a lot like riding a push bike with an engine. In our experience most new riders come away from the RMS Learner Rider course feeling confident and ready to enjoy their new machine. Our youngest rider is 16 and our oldest an amazing 89 years young. Scooters are for everyone to enjoy, male or female.
Do I need a licence?
In NSW you will need to get a scooter/ motorcycle licence to ride any scooter. This is done by attending a two day pre-learner course done at an RMS approved centre. This is followed by a 45 question knowledge test and this grants you a learners permit. The course only costs $87 and is run everyday at various training centres across Sydney. The closest one to us here is called HART in St Ives and we can highly recommend their services. For more information and availability ring the RMS on 13 22 13 or visit their website.
What about storage and security on a scooter?
All scooters have under-seat storage and a bag hook and some have gloves boxes. You also have the option of a top box for the back for a total of up to 100L storage. Scooters all include a steering lock and may include an engine immobilser. Additionally, inexpensive disc or cable locks can be added as well as for extra security. The other huge bonus to scooters is that insurance is generally inexpensive as there are very few incidents of theft here in Australia.
Do I get a warranty on a new scooter?
Warranty periods on new scooters sold at Scooter Central range from 2-4 years. Our brands are very proud of their quality and all offer unlimited kilometre warranties. This allows you to buy with confidence when you shop at Scooter Central.
What are the ongoing costs?
Scooters are the cost effective transport solution that is also a lot of fun. A typical rider will spend about $5 a week on servicing, $4.80 a week on rego and CTP insurance. On the popular Piaggio Fly, you will travel around 250+kms on a 7lt tank, so if you do 125kms a week, think $5 a week for fuel. Thats a total spend of only $14.80 a week for a typical user………amazing.
What safety apparel do I need?
A helmet is required to ride a scooter. The vast majority of riders sensibly ride with the minimum of a recognised scooter jacket and gloves too. At Scooter Central, we stock the entire range of industry leading Corazzo rider gear, and multiple brands of helmets to ensure you get to try on Australia’s largest range of rider accessories available. Feel free to check out our range shown in the site and then try on your favourite next time you’re in store. We also sell online through our store.
Do you sell second hand scooters?
Yes, Scooter Central often trades in second hand scooters from people looking to upgrade their scooter (usually as they start on a lower capacity scooter while learning and then they are itching to go faster). For scooters that are less than 5 years old, Scooter Central puts a shop warranty on the second hand scooters sold. Our second hand scooters vary in model, capacity, colour, price, kilometres and registration period and can be found updated on our website. Just keep in mind that for our second hand scooters (and for any scooters purchased on gumtree), that stamp duty will need to be paid at the RMS. Stamp duty is 3% of the value of the scooter.
What other benefits are there to riding a scooter?
We have sold thousands of scooters over the years and it seems all of us have one continuous theme when buying a scooter. FUN.. Yes its true. Every one of our riders has at least two reasons for getting into scooters. Here are some examples…. Its saves me a fortune in transport AND ITS FUN………………I can get to work and home so much faster AND ITS FUN…………………….Its much cheaper than the bus AND ITS FUN………………..I can park it in the city for free AND ITS FUN……………….Its simply ‘me time’ AND ITS FUN.

As many commuters will tell you. “Every morning and every afternoon I get to have a bit of FUN, while everyone else is stuck in the traffic”.

Can I ride the NSW Bus Lanes and Transit Lanes?
Yes, yes you can. And its makes your peak hour journey much MUCH quicker. A recent survey showed that a 46 minutes on a scooter in peak hour took over 50% longer by car that doesn’t get to use the bus lanes.
Can I Lane Filter in NSW?
Happy days, yes you can. Lane filtering (or lane splitting) isn’t for everyone, but there certainly are times when its appropriate (ie when the traffic is very much stopped). We encourage all to observe the laws that are provided as this is a huge benefit to scooter riders.
Do I get a special rate as a regular toll road user in NSW?
Yes indeed. ERider is set up just for us two wheel users and its saves a regular user hundreds of dollars a year.