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Lower Saddle Height Tips For Smaller Scooter Riders
It can be a bit tricky if you are a smaller rider and are looking for a scooter that’s not so
There are a lot of small capacity scooters that are shorter in saddle height (under 780mm) , but
most of these are mainly 50cc (50 kmph) and might not do the top speed you are looking for.
A typical scooter 125cc and above has a saddle height of maybe 790mm – 820mm. It is definitely
worth checking the saddle height when you are looking to buy if you are small. The lower the
saddle height measurement means your bottom is closer to the ground and gives you less of that
‘tippy toes’ feeling when you stop at the traffic lights. Our staff here at the shop can show you
which models might suit you.
In fact it is definitely worthwhile talking to our sales team as some lower saddle heights might not
feel that low at all, as some saddles are shaped a bit wider than others, thus pushing you legs
outward slightly and away from the ground, making them feel tall. And that can be the case with
tall saddle heights not feeling too bad.
Here are a few tips if you are looking for a scooter but are a bit short of leg length.
1. Thicker soled shoes are an obvious one, but often over looked. If you increase the height of
your soles by 25mm it can make quit a difference to your riding experience.

*We don’t recommend the high heels option in the image – but a thicker non-slip sole or wedge would work nicely.

2. Putting your rear suspension on the softest setting is easy enough to do and allows the
scooter to sag just a little more when you are seated. It may give you that added 20mm or so
you are looking for.
3. Lowering your rear suspension via a lowering linkage – This is a far less common option and
may only be available to a few select models, but it may be worth asking us if it is available for
your scooter. I know there are some Vespa models that can be accommodated.
4. Reshaping your saddle is the most expensive but most accurate way to lower your seat
height. An automotive upholsterer will be able to help here. The good ones will ask you to sit
on the scooter and they will see how much lower you need to be to be comfortable. Then they
will remove the saddle cover and trim the foam to the correct height. Sometimes they will trim
extra foam away and use a higher density foam to build up the shape they are after. Pretty
cool heh! The bonus is that you only need to trim 25mm from the saddle for both heels to
become 25mm closer to the ground.
Don’t worry too much if your scooter feels a little tall at first. Most riders become at one with their
scooters dimensions pretty quickly, but if you feel particularly uncomfortable, maybe one or even
two of these options might be good for you.

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