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Scooter are amazingly versatile machines.  Not only can they carry one or two passengers, they are capable of carrying many daily items in separate storage areas.

In this article we’ll look at what products are available to make your scooter suit your lifestyle.  Some will even come for standard on your scooter!

Shopping Bag Hook – Shopping bag hooks come as a standard feature on almost every scooter.  They can be found between the saddle and knee panel area and are ideal for that single bag of shopping you might pick up on the way home.  They are also good for handbags and coffee holders like a Coffee Jacket or a Water Bottle Jacket.  You can find both of these items on our website.

Under Saddle Storage – Most scooters come with under saddle storage.  Some are large enough to store and secure your helmet, while others still offer enough space for a bag of shopping.  For longer journeys, it’s best to store shelf items that aren’t affected by heat in the under saddle storage as it may be a warm area due to it being close to the engine.  Under my saddle I keep my wet weather gear and pannier bags.

Glove box – Not every scooter has a glove box, but when they do they can be quite handy for small items.  Generally they don’t hold much, but some come with a USB charging point for your phone which is cool.  Because of their small size you may decide to add some extra storage even if you have a glove box.

Helmet Hooks – Many under saddle areas come with one or two helmet hooks.  These nifty little additions are designed so you can hook the metal loop from your helmet to the hook then close and lock the saddle for security.

If your scooter doesn’t have a helmet hook this is easily solved with a Helmet Lok II that you will find on our website.  The Helmet Lok II  secures your helmet to either a front or rear grab rail or maybe simply around a mirror.

Top Boxes – Top boxes fit on a rear rack attached to your scooter.  They are one of the most popular forms of extra storage as they are lockable and most often removable if need be.  Top Boxes generally range from around 30 litres ( or one full face helmet size) to 50 litres (or 2 full face helmets).

They are a great way to secure your helmet and keep it dry while you are away from your scooter.  They also add an extra bag or two of shopping as when you get back to your scooter your helmet will go on your head and you’ll have all that space for your shopping or gym gear.

Pannier Bags – Pannier bags are probably the best value option for storage as they give you a lot of storage space for the least amount of money.  Corazzo Pannier Bags are designed to be super light weight and easy to store in your under saddle storage area while not in use.  When you need them, you fold them out to find two bags with adjustable velcro straps that allow the bags to straddle under your seat.  The best thing about them is they can carry a lot of goods and are fully adjustable to fit any scooter.  You can find Corazzo Pannier Bags on our website.

Nomad Bag – The Nomad Bag is the latest thinking in practical storage for scooters and motorcycles.  The bag fits between your mirrors and can hold all those extra ‘nick nacks’.  I put in my Nomad Bag a Neck Sock or Bandana in case the weather gets cold, lip balm, some change for fuel and ear buds.  I think you’ll find plenty of other things you can put in your Nomad.  It also has a clear case for your phone to display maps.  This is a great idea and very handy.  You can find the Corazzo Nomad Bag, Neck Socks and Bandanas on our website.

Front Storage Racks – While not available for every model a front storage rack is a great addition, especially if you travel with a small briefcase or day bag.  The front racks are very popular and readily available for all models of Vespa scooters and some Peugeots.  You can search for them using the search bar on our website.

Rear Storage Racks – Rear storage racks are available for pretty much every scooter on the market.  They are a great platform on their own, or to attach a top box too.  Some rear racks fold up while not in use, while others are a fixed platform.  Either way they are one of the most popular accessories as they are so useful.

Surf Board Racks – Surf board racks are a great addition for surfers.  They mount to a rear storage rack and carry the surfboard along the right side of your scooter.  They are designed for small to medium surfboards and body boards.  We even have a customer who uses his for his wing foil board.  We have two versions to choose from in the scooter central shop or our online store.

Well, as you can see, scooters are simply amazing when it comes to storage.  If you are a ‘newbie’ and just getting started I recommend getting a rear rack and top box, along with a pair of Pannier Bags to get you started.  This will allow you to secure your helmet safely in the top box, and when you pop down to the shops you can put packaged goods on the helmet hook and in the under saddle storage and pannier bags, and your cold items in the top box away from the warm engine.

All of these items are displayed in our Brookvale store, or simply get on our online store and use the search bar to find them all and buy online.

Happy riding!

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