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Scooter Centrals Staff – Top 10 Tips for winter riding

1. Murray’s Pick – The best value for money is to use a scooter riders Neck Sock or Bandanna. For under $15 they they cut out the draughts around your neck and keep you much warmer. The bandanna can even be pulled over your hair for an extra layer of warmth under your helmet.

2. Cassidy’s Pick – Scooter Riding Jacket – A good quality jacket is a must for the cooler months. Apart from having armour in the elbows, shoulders and back, they are cut for riding scooters with slightly longer arms for riding with arms outstretched to the handlebars.

Some of the features that might suit you in winter months are water resistant and abrasion resistant outer shells, reflective materials, fleece lined colour and cuffs and toasty warm quilted inner liners.

Scooter rider jackets come in all sorts of styles and colours to suit your riding and personality too.

Check out the Mens Range Here and Ladies HERE

Check out which mens or ladies jacket might suit your needs or call any of us in store on 02 9938 5858. Prices start at $249

3. Peter’s Pick –Thermal Glove Liners – We all love thermal glove liners. They are inexpensive and practical as the weather cools down. The liners are worn under your normal riding gloves and create a warm layer, while leaving the role of protection to your riding gloves. And they are inexpensive, so whats not to like.

4. Tiny’s Pick –Full Face Helmet – Yes, we know its a luxury to own a full face and an open face helmet, but if you are riding all year round, a full face helmet in winter is gold. A full face helmet is well complimented by a neck sock or bandanna to stop the wind chills on your neck and face. Full face helmets start from $150 and are awesome when combined with a fog resistant lens (see item 7)

5. Sue’s Pick – Lap Apron – Lap aprons are huge in Europe and taking off fast here in Australia. They have a belt that buckles around your waist, so one size fits all. The apron section in wind and waterproof, and the inner liner is fuzzy and warm. We did a test ride with this product up through the snow line one winter and it made all the difference to rider comfort. Great value at $129

6. Alex’s Pick – Fog Resistant Adhesive Lens for helmet visors – Our Fog Resistant Lenses are awesome and fit to any helmet with a visor. We all know what its like on a cold morning when our breath fogs up your visor and you are madly trying to wipe a finger on the inside of the visor so you can see where your going. Our Fog Resistant adhesive lens is a winner at $39.95 and can be lft in place during summer ready for next winter.

7. Raul’s Pick – Heated Hand Grips – The ultimate winter luxury is heated hand grips. These grips are designed for scooters and have a high and low setting to suit the day. I find that when I start my scooter in the morning, I turn my heated grips to HIGH and put on my riding gear. While I get rigged up to ride, my scooters engine and hand grips are both warming up. I can feel the warmth through the handlebar grips when I’m ready to ride, and I can decide if I want to turn them down or not depending on the day.

There’s nothing worse than cold hands, so heated grips are a definite consideration. Grips kit $119.95 or our workshop team can fit and wire them up to your scooter from $299.

Check on a fitted cost to your make and model scooter by contacting our workshop HERE

8. Jenna’s Pick – Rainsuit – As crazy as it sounds a rainsuit is actually a great item to wear on a cold morning. The rainsuit will cut out most of those chilly drafts that find their way past your usual riding gear. Our rainsuit also has reflective tape, which is great as the days are shorter and we are spending more time riding in darkness. The hood on our rainsuit also fits under your helmet which is warmer too. Great value at $119

9. Cheryl’s Pick – ScotchLite Reflective Tape – Our ScotchLite refelective tape is a great way to add to your visibility during the longer nights of winter. At $29.95 its great value and can be applied to any part of your scooter or top box. The checker plate design is stylish and timeless, so get creative and put it on your scooter this winter. Im love to stand out at night!

10. John’s Pick – Windscreen – Windscreens are a great option in the winter in particular. The sports windscreens help remove wind chill to the top of your legs, while the tall windscreens cut out much of the wind chill to your upper body. Many of the tall windscreens include hand guard sections that reduce wind chill to your hands also. Tall windscreens also keep you dryer in the wet weather. Check on pricing with our spare parts team parts@scootercentral.com.au

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