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Where were you born?  Crown Street Women’s Hospital in Surrey Hills, Sydney

When did you first turn a spanner?  30 years ago and actually before I started my apprenticeship, as I started as a mechanics assistant when I was 15 and still in high school.

What was your first pets name?  I had two cats called Rommel and Rasputin

Whats your current ride?  I’ve got myself a Peugeot Django 150.  It’s great for my 20 minnute commute.

What makes your job interesting?  That’s easy as in my role there is always something new to learn.

If you could choose any scooter in the shop for yourself, what would you choose? Simple, a Vespa GTS 300 with the HPE (High performance engine).  As long as it has that motor I’d be very happy.

Whats your favourite meal?  Either a veal schnitzel from the Australian Club or a pork schnitzel from the Chech Club.

In winter, what scooter accessory can’t you live without?  Definitely a neck sock, they are gold.

And finally, would you consider skydiving?  I’ve done hang gliding so I reckon Id give skydiving a go.