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A big thank you to all that kindly donated to Peters March for Melanoma fund raiser.

We had a lot of very generous supporters and your efforts raised whopping $7950 for melanoma research.

We spotted generous donations from Phillip H, Sally, The Scooter Stig, Tommy, Babak, Bruce K, , Kelly, Jane, Darko, Louisa, Monica, Brent, Murph, Pat, Laura, Gordon, Adela Carolyn, Jason S, Julie, Elaine, Sally, Joy and Peter, Tracey W, Nhi, Jo, Jack, Alyson, Isabella, Emma, Alex M, Susan, Geraldine, Zoe, Alan, Simeon, Chris C, Megan, Dawn, Caroline P, Katie, Danielle, Anthony, Catena, Kristen, Will, Harry and Laura.

Thank you, you guys really are amazing.

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