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We often get asked about whether you need a scooter windscreen.  What do they do and do you need one?

Protection from the wind

The main purpose of the windscreen is to protect you from… surprise, surprise – the wind.  As to how well the screen protects you from the wind depends on a few factors such as the height of the screen (for example, Vespa offers both short and tall screens as options) as well as how you sit on the scooter.

Protection from the rain

In addition to protecting you from the wind, screens on a scooter also provides you with added protection from the rain.  While it doesn’t help while you are sitting still at a red light, it does help to displace the rain droplets while you find ride down the road looking for a good spot to hide undercover while the rain passes.

Protection from debris

Particularly in areas with lots of road work, we find that screens do a great job at providing an extra line of defence when protecting you from debris from the road.  During the Australian summer, scooter screens also do a great job protecting you from those pesky bugs.

Reduce noise

A screen can also help reduce wind noise which is particularly nice when on a long distant ride on the highway.


We find that, with the right tools, most screens are relatively easy to fit and we find a lot of riders like to put their screen on during the winter and take it off over the summer.

Other than the practical features of a windscreen, sometimes it just comes down to adding a bit of style to your scooter.  If you think it is the right for you, a screen is a great accessory to add to a scooter.


Visit our online store to buy your scooter windscreen online or if you are having trouble finding the perfect scooter windscreen for your scooter, fill out our parts form and we can source one for you!


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