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The new Super Soco electric range has come to Scooter Central!
What does this all mean?  Let’s break it down…


First off – do you need a licence?

Yes.  In QLD/VIC you can ride a 50cc scooter on just a Car Licence although here in NSW you do need a motorcycle/scooter Riders Licence.  If you dont already have your licence, you can get it with Service NSW.


So, it is fully electric?

It sure is.  This means no fuel.  It comes with a battery (with the option to buy a second one) that is charged at a power point (6 hour regular charge or a 3 hour fast charge option) and that’s it!  You’re on your way!


What is it like?

It is heaps of fun.  We love new technology and this is definitely new for us!  They are super quiet and don’t vibrate like a normal bike.  They are a comfortable and easy to ride.


How fast does it go?

The Super Soco electric are definitely a local run-about bike. We call it the equivalent to a 50cc scooter which usually go around 50km/h although we can get this one faster.  Setting #1 has the bike going slower but the battery lasts longer, Setting #3 goes faster but drains the battery faster.  It is about finding balance.


Are there more models coming?

Yes there is!  This Super Soco TS is just the first with the Super Soco TC Cafe Racer Style and the Super Soco CUx Scooter Style coming in the next few week.

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