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NSW Transport Stamp Duty rebate for electric vehicles.

Have you purchased a Super Soco Electric scooter or motorcycle from Scooter Central since Sept 1, 2021?  There is a rebate for Stamp Duty on electric vehicles that were registered on or after 1 Sept 2021.

List of vehicles it applies to: https://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/projects/electric-vehicles/available-electric-vehicles

The list includes the Super Soco Electric bikes sold at Scooter Central.  The stamp duty on a $6000 vehicle is $180 or 3%.

When registering a new bike for the first time you do have to pay the stamp duty upfront then go to a portal to apply for the rebate.  If you purchased an electric vehicle from us you have already paid for the stamp duty on a new vehicle.

To get your refund apply here: https://servicesrevenue.force.com/electricvehicle/s/login/?language=en_US&startURL=%2Felectricvehicle%2Fs%2F&ec=302

There is a $3000 rebate for a limited number of electric vehicles but this unfortunately does not apply to motorcycles.

Great to see a little bit of support for those who chose the electric option and the NSW government is also investing heavily in setting up recharging stations throughout the state to make travelling a distance easier.

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