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The Super Soco TC electric bike has officially come to Scooter Central and we have all taken it for a quick spin around the block.

So what did we think?  These are our first impressions;

Murray (The Boss) – “I was amazed at how light and nimble it was.”

Sue (The Boss) – “I love the exposed frame and the simple styling. It is such a sleek and sporty motorcycle.

Alex (Mechanic)– “It is great that bikes are going even more eco friendly. Even reduces noise pollution down to nothing.”

Peter (Sales) – “I was really impressed by the build quality and the overall finish of the bike – the pictures don’t do it justice.”

Steve (Mechanic) – “The bike is automatic but has three settings, eco, normal & sport which to adjusts the power output…. Although, so far I’ve only tested out sport mode!

Charlie (Workshop) – “It is the equivalent of a 50cc scooter but it gave me a bit more than I expected. On the flat (and with a bit of build up) – I pushed it to 70km/h.

Raul (Mechanic)– “I could be out of a job soon, there is little maintenance on those things!”

Jenna (Sales)– “If I’m honest, I’ve always preferred scooters over motorbikes.  I was definitely not expecting the bike to be as comfortable and easy to ride as it was.

Cass (Sales) – “It’s odd sitting at the traffic lights, the bike doesn’t vibrate or make a sound – for a minute I thought the scooter had turned itself off. It is so quiet”

Sean (Parts) – “I was impressed with the handling of the bike, it is a smooth ride.”

Martin (Sales) – “”If there’s anything that’s more fun than riding the TS, it’s probably not legal.”

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