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We’ve all experienced a day when we started off by getting wet and never seemed to dry out.  It’s the same for scooter riding in the rain.  Keeping yourself dry is the key to a good ride in wet weather.

We are lucky that there are some great products to help us stay dry.

My ‘go to’ wet weather set is the Corazzo Rainsuit.  It comes in two parts, as a top and pants, and has reflective stripes to increase your visability.  Importantly, this rain suit is designed for scooter riders as it is cut to fit over a protective jacket with armor and your pants.

Corazzo have gone to the trouble of including an inner liner to the suit.  This feature makes the pants and jacket soooooooo much easier to put on, as its simply slides over your clothes.

The outer material is waterproof and the seams are wisely stitched and glued.  I also like how Corazzo have made the pants legs longer than you would expect.  This is done so that when we bend our knees while riding scooters, the pants don’t ride up and expose your ankles to the weather.  Clever!

Thoughtfully Corazzo have added a waterproof hoodie to this suit.  It is designed to fit over your head before you put on your helmet.  This prevents any water sneaking down the back of you neck when it rains hard.  Awesome!

My other must have for wet weather is wet weather gloves like you’ll find in the Scooter Central store.  These gloves offer protection and allow for tactile feel on the controls, but keep the worst of the weather off your hands.

Another good tip is to buy yourself an inexpensive ‘Bandito’ .  I wear this around my neck when the weather is bad, and while its not waterproof, it contains most of those annoying random water droplets from going down your neck area.

If it’s really really awful out, its best to consider overboots to keep your shoes dry.  We are lucky on scooters that while we are riding your feet are far less exposed than a motorcyclist for example, but when we stop at the lights and put our feet out the wet weather can still get you.  Waterproof overboots are easy to slip on and will keep your shoes dry.

Another great thought for wet weather is the Lap Apron.  Lap aprons are all the rage in Europe as it allows you to quickly snap it around your waist.  It is the perfect bottom half addition if you already have a waterproof jacket and need to keep the bottom half dry.  The Lap Apron is fleecy lined for comfort with a waterproof outer shell and to make it easy its adjustable so one size fits all.

Finally we come to my last couple of tips.  If your helmets visor is fogging up in the rain or cold mornings I can highly recommend a Fog City Anti Fog Visor Insert This insert sticks inside your helmets visor and prevents annoying fogging.  The other affordable option is the bizarrely named Cat Crap.  Cat Crap applies as a clear paste on the inside of your visor and does a similar job preventing fogging.

Well I hope these tips make for better rain riding for you in the future.  Happy Riding!

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