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Well, we all have 2 options open to us right now, one we can stand like a deer frozen by the headlights or two we can figure out what things are in our control and act on them.  At Scooter Central we are choosing action.  Scooter repair shops are considered to be an essential service.  With 1000’s of delivery riders out there we are here to keep everyone in motion.  Lots of people are choosing not to take public transport and instead commute on 2 wheels, we have stock and staff available to give expert advice to get customers riding quickly.  We can also help you get your unused bike running, registered and ready to ride.

We also have customers coming in the door looking for a Plan B.  A scooter with a delivery box is an excellent Plan B.  So many are finding themselves suddenly losing shifts or out of work while some industries are booming.  Delivery riders are experiencing an unprecedented boom.  We have FREE delivery boxes available with a purchase of a scooter from Scooter Central while stocks last (we have quite a few).

If you are wanting to make a contactless purchase we can accommodate you and do the transaction entirely by phone and email.  We can have a scooter cleaned, sanitised and delivered to you or waiting out the front for you to pick up.  Talk to us today and let us help you take action.  02 9938 5858

As an essential service we continue to be open 6 Days per week.


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