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On the Northern Beaches of Sydney we are very lucky to have a highly rated Riding School located on Mona Vale Road in St Ives.  HART runs Learner Rider Courses as well as more advanced rider training.  The entire staff at Scooter Central have done additional skills training and found the courses very beneficial.

Courses at HART, especially the Learner Rider Course required to get a scooter/motorcycle licence, gets booked out well in advance during late Spring and Summer.  For the Learner Rider Course, HART will provide a scooter and a helmet and the cost is $94 for the 2 x 3.5 hour sessions.  The course is subsidized by the NSW Government and as well as being a requirement in order to get your licence, is a  bit of fun and an easy way to dip your toe into the idea of riding and learn how to stay safe on the road.  Now is a great time to book in to get your licence or take an advanced riding course.

You can book online here

Let any friends know who have been thinking about getting their licence that now is a good time to get off the bus and on a scoot this summer!


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