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The NSW government looks set to kick along the sales of Electric Vehicles by introducing a Stamp Duty Rebate and an additional rebate of $3000 for vehicles under $68,750 starting in September 2021.  Well the Super Soco Electric range available now at Scooter Central ticks the boxes.  Let’s hope scooters and motorcycles are eligible for the rebates and encourage riders to go electric.  The brand new  Super Soco CPx is an electric scooter that is equivalent in performance to a 125cc scooter.  Finally we have the perfect electric scooter for the Urban Rider and there is a good chance it will be a whole lot more affordable with rebates involved.  See more about the CPx here

Keep an eye on our website or get on our mailing list to find out about the finer details on the rebates as they become available.

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