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Lorraine is part of the Scooter Central family.  Read a quick article on her scooter experience.

“My husband & I bought our Kymco Likes in 2020, after my husband brought his previous Kymco in for a tyre valve replacement –  we left with 2 new scooters on order.  Most expensive valve ever, but a great decision nonetheless

Whilst these scooters are in the lower end of the market, it perfectly suits our riding style, as we predominately are just cruising around Manly and surrounds.

They were also perfect as we were new riders, and not needing to get up to high speeds or to travel on motorways or freeways, and they are light enough to handle for new riders.

Overall we have been very happy with our purchase, 4 years ago.

The only downside with these scooters is the need to use the key for everything, but in the grand scheme of things, this is more a minor irritation, and from a price point perspective, we can’t expect all the bells and whistles!!

The kickstand is not overly stable, but the ease of getting the scooter onto the central stand overrides this in my opinion.

For cruising around the beaches, the power of these Kymco’s is more than adequate, and with a bit of careful placement, the storage under the seat and top box provides enough space to hold those 1 or 2 items (more like 10-15) for that  quick run to the supermarket !

Parking is an absolute dream, especially around Manly – as these scooters slide in just about anywhere.”