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We get asked this a lot from online enquiries.

We have scooters ranging from $3690 to $13990 for brand new 125cc-550cc scooters.  All of our pricing includes 12 months registration and CTP (not 3 months or 6 months), pre delivery and full 2-3 year warranty (depending on the brand). As a rider has to have a motorcycle licence in NSW, almost all of our customers will get a minimum of a 125cc scooter or higher capacity.  Scooter Central sells second hand scooters too and often have bikes from $1690 and up on offer.

For entry level riders and commuters we have quite a number of bikes in the $3690-$4990 range that will do everything you need it to do.  All of our bikes are excellent quality machines and you cannot make a bad decision in our store.

Scooter Central is also Australia’s #1 Vespa dealer and we have all of the premium and limited edition bikes available on site.  Our expert sales team will guide you to the most appropriate bikes for your personal use and budget.

Not all of us can afford the top of the line car on the market but the top end scooters are very affordable.   You will have a number of options in your price range and can choose based on style, seating comfort and performance.  It is a requirement to wear a helmet and we have an excellent assortment of open face and full face helmets starting at $99.  We have a large jacket and glove selection with jackets starting at $289 and gloves at $59.  Our team will help you put together a package that will suit your style and budget and get you on the road quickly.

We can often have you riding your bike home on the day of purchase.  For inexperienced riders we can even arrange delivery of your new bike to your door so you can practice on quiet roads near home while you build your confidence.

Clearly a scooter is an affordable purchase which will give you a transport alternative and that holiday feeling every day.

SMS, email or phone us with your questions and we are happy to help!

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