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I have had my GTV for around 12 months and what I like about the scooter straight away, is the retro look and styling with the exposed handle bars and the front light on the mud guard. The location of the headlamp makes it different and a stand out from the other 300CC Vespas. This makes the GTV for me the best looking Vespa on the road.

Riding to the city using the bus lane and lane filtering is a breeze and able to handle multiple traffic speeds and easily takes on the biggest hills.

I have recently gone riding with various scooter groups and the 300cc can handle all roads and freeways easily cruising around 110klm when required. The comfortable riding position and suspension makes longer ride easy without any signs of fatigue.

The GTV 300cc engine is very responsive and accelerates quickly to your required speed. Coming off a 150cc it did take a little time to adjust to the change in acceleration however I would now not go back.

I find the scooter very stable to ride and great through corners. Brakes are excellent with enough stopping power and responsive when in the local start stop city traffic.

The under seat storage for me is ample for my jacket and gloves and by using a helmet lock I can leave my helmet securely attached to the scooter when parking.  The shopping hook is used all the time from a laptop backpack to shopping bags.

What I would change on the GTV. Whilst very comfortable and provides a great seating position I would like a different seat as the seat is really designed as single seat and can be tricky carrying a pillion passenger though with the grab bars you can still pillion if required. Mirrors could be slightly longer for little better visibility though this could affect  lane filtering slightly.

I also upgraded my exhaust to an Akrapovic which changed the sound and performance to a very low rumble which has greatly improved the sound and feel of the scooter for me.

All in all I am extremely happy with the GTV 300cc model and would consider this model again when I get to the time to upgrade.

Thanks Steve, the GTV is a special scooter indeed.  It’s interesting that the GTV 300 is the only Vespa in the range with the headlight on the front fender, just like the original Vespa built in 1946.  Vespa are very aware of their 75+ years of history and keep that history alive in each model they produce.  We noticed your comment on the single saddle set up and note that Vespa have a dual passenger saddle option available with their new Keyless entry 2024 version of the GTV300.  It seems the Italians may have heard that comment from riders a few times and sorted it out.

I also spotted that you have your eye on the Akrapovic exhaust and I can’t blame you.  It looks and sounds great and increases acceleration as a bonus.

Thanks again for the review – Murray

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