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Nice going Sydney!  We are doing an amazing job of keeping Covid 19 from spreading.  It seems restrictions will be easing soon and you can get back to riding the bus.  Or is that not such a great idea anymore???  So many people have been enjoying riding their bicycles with the family for exercise but a longer commute doesn’t suit bicycle riding.  What you need is a scooter to get you off the bus and enjoying your freedom on the road.  Right now the rider training courses are only booked out a week ahead of time so you can get in to get your licence done quickly.  If you already have a rider’s licence, come on down and test ride some scooters.  We are putting packages together for commuters such as an under $5000 scooter and gear combination, an under $4000 scooter and gear combination and we even have pre-loved scooters for $1999.  Scooter Central will help you to get on the road, independent of buses, Ubers, Keos, trains or ferries.

Scooters are an amazingly affordable commute.  Keep an eye out for our next post comparing the cost of scooter ownership vs an inexpensive car.  Don’t even get us started about ease of parking, riding in the transit lane,  saving time, so much fun to ride and more…

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