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Every now and again Vespa make a big step forward with their GTS models.  This is exactly what occurred in 2023 when Vespa released the GTS 300 Super Sport and GTS 300 Classic.

These new variants are a big step up from previous GTS 300 models as they include braking  and handling improvements and a host of technical and cosmetic changes.

As you may have read in previous articles, we find that the best time to trade up your scooter is roughly every 4 years as usually in that time scooters have several advancements, and the new model keeps you on the right side of the technology curve.  The technology curve is that fine line between staying up to date and falling behind in regard to the scooters performance, safety and resale relevance.

The biggest reason I’d consider the new GTS 300 models is that it has new braking and suspension features that has improved braking distances by a whopping 10%.  Yes, that’s right 10%.  This is a huge number as most technology shifts are often 1% or 2% improvements.  With the new Brembo brakes and redesigned front suspension, Vespa have taken a big leap forward in both handling and braking.

The 2023 GTS 300 models comes standard with the ground braking High Performance Engine (HPE).  This is the most powerful engine ever produced by Vespa in their 77 year history.  To compliment the fuel injected HPE engine, Vespa have included traction control to the rear wheel.  This safety device goes unnoticed on most rides, but is there to protect riders if the rear wheel were to loose traction, such as on a wet roundabout or gravel surface.

Vespa also made changes to the many cosmetic areas of the scooter to help set it apart from older models.  There is new switchgear on the handlebars, new mirrors, end weights, cockpit beading, grips, horn cover, wheels, saddles, instrumentation, body colours, trim colours and the list goes on.

So to sum up.  It seems to me that the 2023 GTS is a big step up on previous Vespa GTS models.  If I was considering changing up, I’d do it now and feel comfortable that technology won’t overtake me for another 4 years or so.

If you’d like a close inspection and aa test ride of the new GTS 300 Super Sport or Classic, call us here at the store on 9938 5858.  Feel free to bring in your current ride and we can look to value it as a trade in if you like.

But be warned.  If you ride one of these new models, you’ll probably want one.

See our website for more detail on the Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport HERE

and the Vespa GTS 300 Classic HERE