Corazzo Bolla Gloves


Brand New Textile Scooter Gloves with Knuckle Protection and Kevlar

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Introducing the Bolla, the vegan scooter glove with so many protective features and such a perfect fit you had better look down at your organic coffee, made from beans that were sung to by an entire village, because you will suddenly realize you forgot to take them off.  The gloves cocoon your hands with abrasive resistant Keprotech and Kevlar while allowing you to feel the perfect temperature of your ultimate craft beer on the vented palm.  You can quickly place an order online for your favorite Sav Blanc that has just gone on special using our touch screen fingertips.  As you stroke your bespoke frontiersman beard you can wipe off those errant crumbs from the kimchi taco you ate at your local food truck with the soft suede-like material on the inside of the fingers put there for just that purpose.  Neoprene on the wrist-covering gauntlet will hide your not-so-hipster fitbit too.  The Scotchlite 3M reflective stripe sits just above the knuckle protector for nighttime visibility, non-slip grip on the fingers and the Corazzo Shield cap off the styling on these totes amazeball gloves.  The new Bolla gloves, Italian for bubble, are the perfect gloves for all motorcycle and scooterriders, whether you live in a bubble or not.

Available in sizes 2XS – 2XL

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Weight .14 kg
Dimensions 33 × 12 × 4 cm
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