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Corazzo Tool Roll


  • Corazzo Ultimate Tool Roll
  • 11 Storage Pockets
  • 1 Zipped Pouch
  • Folds down with 2 strap closure
  • Lightweight nylon
  • Water resistant


Be Prepared. It’s an incredibly simple statement but sometimes difficult to adhere to in the real world. Thankfully for you, these are words we live by here at Corazzo HQ. It’s with that in mind that we bring you the Ultimate Tool Roll but before we get to that, let’s wait for you to go grab the toolkit the motorcycle or scooter manufacturer kindly provided you.

Got it? Ok, now if you can say that they have provided you with everything you need so that you can “Be Prepared”, then this is not the product for you so move along. Now if you think that oddball universal wrench tube thing, a metal rod and plastic Phillips screwdriver is only really useful to MacGuyver, well now you are speaking our language.

It is with that in mind, that we bring you the Corazzo Tool Roll. This stylish and rugged design includes 11 pockets of various sizes to accommodate your must-have’s for roadside repair. We also included a generously sized zipper pouch for all the little doo-dads you might need like cable pinch bolts, spark plugs, etc. The savviest of traveler could even coil up a cable inner or 2 into it just in case. Once you are satisfied with your tool selection, you can fold the flap over, roll it up and buckle it closed for easy storage.

As a bonus, once you have loaded up your Corazzo Tool Roll, you get to be the Johnny-on-the-spot whenever a fellow rider has trouble. The look on their eyes when you unfurl this bad-boy will be a combination of shame and admiration. The shame that they were not prepared for any type of breakdown situation and the admiration that you were.

The Corazzo Tool Roll: Be Prepared.

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