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Workshop Bookings FAQs

Why should I get my scooter serviced regularly?

To increase your scooters life and ensure your scooter is working as it should be, it is important to get your serviced.  During a service, a qualified service technician will change the oil (to keep the engine running smoothly), check and top up fluids (such as gear oil, brake fluid), and check all the things you might not think of to look at (or know what you are looking at!) such as brakes, tyres, cables, levers, steering bearings and more.

How often should I get my scooter serviced?

The rule of thumb is to have your scooter serviced every 12 months or at a certain kilometre amount (generally 3,000km for Tawainese models and 5,000km for Italian).  Check your scooter manual as this can vary between different makes and models of scooters.

I haven’t had my scooter serviced in a while, do I need a major service?

The major service of a scooter is a lot more involved than a minor service and requires the technicians to get in and change the scooters belt, rollers, sliders and do an in-depth check and tidy up of the scooter.  Generally, the scooter should have a major service every 10,000km however this varies between different makes and models so it is a good idea to check your scooters manual.  If you aren’t sure whether to book for a minor or major, give our Service Coordinator a call on 9938 5858 and we will be able to advise you as to what is best for you and your scooter.

When do I need a pink slip/rego check?

When your vehicle is 5 years or older, you will need an annual pink slip/rego check/e-safety check.  The technicians will check your brakes, tyres, lights etc to ensure the scooter is roadworthy.  You will then be able to arrange the CTP and Registration for the scooter online.  You have 14 days to complete your registration before the pink slip expires.

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